Boom, its now possible thanks to the latest haircare concoction: aka cleansing conditioners. These sulfate-free, haircolor-friendly formulas are one-fourth shampoo and three-fourths conditioner. Wrap your hair in a microfiber towel post-shower Gather your hair into a microfiber towel, wrap it on top of your head, and allow it to soak up any excess water while you apply your skincare regimen. The microfiber fabric absorbs water through osmosis, wicking it away.

Look Tall With Top Fashion Tricks for Short Heighted People

Find someone who will do hot yoga with you and hold your hand when you do a Supine Twist. There is nothing like twisting out the weekends toxins with the one you love. My boyfriend and I took advantage of an awesome yoga deal and committed to it together. There is something to be said…

In shoes, pointy, toed stilettos were in and you can find same even today. In Makeup trends, Eccentric and bright make made a comeback and shades like green shocking pink or purple were loved and heavy eye liners were used so are today. In 90s it was wearing anything at all. Anything that suits you, you can wear.

This is the easiest trick of all. Start with perfect posture. Make sure you always stand tall. If you envision a string gently lifting from the top of your head, it will help you achieve good posture. Just make sure you dont tighten your shoulders at the same time, creating a tense appearance and sore shoulders and neck later. Choose darker neutral colors and go for a one-color look. While you dont have to wear black all the time, a darker neutral will lengthen your look. Avoiding dramatically different colors on top and bottom will help you avoid that cut-in-half look. For shorter women, perfect fit is essential. Loose-fitting clothes will lend to a look that is unflattering and dumpy. Make the most of your height by wearing well-fitted clothes. Dont be afraid to enlist the help of a professional tailor to help you achieve a great fit. Fabrics should be lighter weight. You want to avoid stiff fabrics that can create a rigid, boxy appearance.